Pop Up Downtown Portraits

These portraits were produced for the site-specific Pop-Up Downtown project organized by the Creative City Centre, Regina, in 2014.

My intention with these works was to interview and photograph the public in the downtown location in order to engage the public with art. Sometimes exhibitions can seem abstract and alienating for the general public. So I wanted to create a space where the public felt a part of the work.

The oval shapes were reminiscent of miniature portraits kept in lockets around one’s neck, popular in the 18th to 19th centuries.


What do you love? My freedom, I feel so lucky to live in a free country. My family and friends, even those who are no longer with us.

Why is art important? It’s the reflexion of ideas, our culture and feelings of our time.


What do you love? My grandchildren, my children too of course, but mostly my grandchildren.

Why is art important? It is not important to me. It fills blank walls.


What do you love? Life! My friends and family.

Why is Art important? I like it, I used to draw a lot as a child.